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Club/Course NameCityState/Province
Argentario - ArgentarioMonte Argentario (GR)IT-52
  • The Course Handicap Calculator is using the Course Rating minus Par discretionary item of the World Handicap System™ in order to calculate the player’s Course Handicap.
  • Only 18-Hole Course Handicaps can be calculated from this page. If you wish to calculate a 9-hole Course Handicap, please visit the Course Handicap Calculator page.

(ex. 17.4)

Tee NameGenderPar
Course Rating™
Bogey Rating™
Slope Rating®
Front (9)Back (9) CH
GialliM7172.498.0138 36.0 / 141 36.4 / 135
RossiF7172.9104.8135 36.5 / 137 36.4 / 134

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